Thursday, May 7, 2015

Goat Simulator GoatZ out now On SALE

Good news for the Goat lovers, Goat Simulator GoatZ is on SALE for limited time offer. On the app store  $4.99 Goat Simulator GoatZ game is available on $1.99 by the name Goat Simulator. This game is full of intentional Bugs. And people are love this bugs.
Goat Simulator GoatZ Screenshot  

Game Screenshot

Download link:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Hot Game : Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft

Too Fun Game Editors' Rating: 9.5/10

App Store Description: 

Swing into a hand-drawn, action-packed arcade adventure game where you’ll unite every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman against the ultimate threat! 

Experience a story that feels like it jumped straight from a Marvel comic as you recruit an army of heroes in the Spider-Verse. Combat the new Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal in New York to summon endless versions of themselves! This exponential evil is moving from dimension to dimension, destroying each one. Now ours is fighting to survive!


• Enjoy the thrill of the first Spider-Man web-runner! Swing, run and fight through chaotic Manhattan in over 7 different Marvel environments!
• Go beyond a runner with unique gameplay! Fight in battles against dimensional super villains, swing, wall-climb and skydive!
• Play Story mode with 5 boss battles and 25 missions per Issue! New daily and weekly events with spectacular rewards in Event mode! Or climb up the leaderboards in Unlimited mode! 

• A continuing episodic adventure: The Sinister Six are moving from dimension to dimension, destroying everything in their path – and our world is next! But it ends now… with an army of Spider-Men and Spider-Women!
• Dive into an extensive Marvel Universe spanning over 50 years of Spider-Man with iconic characters, including dimensional Spider-Men, multiple variations of each villain, as well as Nick Fury, Mary Jane, and Black Cat!
• Written with an experienced Spider-Man comic writer to ensure a faithful recreation of the Spider-Man Comics!

• Summon, collect and play as tons of Spider-Men and Spider-Women featured throughout the Marvel Universe, including Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Spider, and Ultimate Spider-Man!
• Collect, fuse, and level up your Spider-Man cards, each with its own unique in-game benefit, and send them on Spidey Ops missions around Manhattan!

Spider-Man Unlimited Game Trailer 

Spider-Man Unlimited Screenshot  

Game Screenshot

Download Link : iTunes App Store and Google play store  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Upcoming Game Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love by Dream71

Cannon Shooter: Clash for Love” is an action game where you have to fight against the evil power to protect your beloved girl. Be smart enough to handle the weapons and utilize it properly. Hit the clouds avoiding the obstacles. The destruction of the clouds will cause to stop the rain. Thus the removal of it will help you to save your beloved girl from sinking down the water.

Feature Plays:
When you will shoot then keep in your mind that you need to avoid the obstacles. If you hit the obstacles it will reflex and result in nothing. Only when you’ll strike the cloud then the it will stop the rain and your beloved girls will be saved from sinking down.

In every level you will get 3 chances to shoot. If you miss to hit the cloud once among all cases that will result in failure to complete the game level.

In a few cases you need to hit the floating ground situated opposite to the direction of the girl. To be remembered that avoiding the flexible obstacles. That will bounce back towards the cloud & girl. If then miss, will cost you the level failure.

Some features of this game:

1. Social Game
2. Game center 
3. challenge your friends
4. you will earn gift, when you won on the challenge
5. Different types of Cannon
6. Different types of Power
7. And lots of fun

Game Screenshot: 

The game developer company Dream71 is looking Renown publisher, for "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love". Friends we want your valuable feedback regarding games. Please inform too fun game or contact, if you have any well known publisher's contact.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Forsaken World Gaming soon on Mobile; by Fedeen Games

From the Fedeen Games community manager of Forsaken World Mobile says "We are proud to announce the arrival of Forsaken World Mobile, the acclaimed PC series, now available in the palm of your hands on iOS and Android devices".

Here are a few of favorite features in the game:

  • Exploring Attractive rendered 3D environments
  • There are Five unique classes to pick from
  • Raid massive dungeons and take on epic bosses
  • This Game is Free-to-play

They have Exclusive Reward for Pre- Registration, You can check it out:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google Change it's serch algorithm

Google is launching an algorithm for it's search engine focusing on mobile friendly web site. Though they said there will be no change on Desk top and tablets search result. But this new algorithm will helps rank higher  to mobile friendly site. 

It's mean the people who used google search on their smartphones, may not found their sites on top of the ranking. 

I don't know how people will take this "Mobilegeddon". If anyone get bad traffic or see his site ranked bellow, they will blame on google "Mobilegeddon". 

Worried about your valuable website? Try google's "Mobile-Friendly" test page

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Game of War : Fire Age" buys $40M Ad Budget for Kate Upton

Game of war have taken mobile games advertising to an entirely new level, they allocating a massive $40M budget for not only the ads you’ve already seen on different web site, but toward making supermodel Kate Upton the face and body of the game.

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