Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Upcoming Game Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love by Dream71

Cannon Shooter: Clash for Love” is an action game where you have to fight against the evil power to protect your beloved girl. Be smart enough to handle the weapons and utilize it properly. Hit the clouds avoiding the obstacles. The destruction of the clouds will cause to stop the rain. Thus the removal of it will help you to save your beloved girl from sinking down the water.

Feature Plays:
When you will shoot then keep in your mind that you need to avoid the obstacles. If you hit the obstacles it will reflex and result in nothing. Only when you’ll strike the cloud then the it will stop the rain and your beloved girls will be saved from sinking down.

In every level you will get 3 chances to shoot. If you miss to hit the cloud once among all cases that will result in failure to complete the game level.

In a few cases you need to hit the floating ground situated opposite to the direction of the girl. To be remembered that avoiding the flexible obstacles. That will bounce back towards the cloud & girl. If then miss, will cost you the level failure.

Some features of this game:

1. Social Game
2. Game center 
3. challenge your friends
4. you will earn gift, when you won on the challenge
5. Different types of Cannon
6. Different types of Power
7. And lots of fun

Game Screenshot: 

The game developer company Dream71 is looking Renown publisher, for "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love". Friends we want your valuable feedback regarding games. Please inform too fun game or contact, if you have any well known publisher's contact.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Forsaken World Gaming soon on Mobile; by Fedeen Games

From the Fedeen Games community manager of Forsaken World Mobile says "We are proud to announce the arrival of Forsaken World Mobile, the acclaimed PC series, now available in the palm of your hands on iOS and Android devices".

Here are a few of favorite features in the game:

  • Exploring Attractive rendered 3D environments
  • There are Five unique classes to pick from
  • Raid massive dungeons and take on epic bosses
  • This Game is Free-to-play

They have Exclusive Reward for Pre- Registration, You can check it out:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Google Change it's serch algorithm

Google is launching an algorithm for it's search engine focusing on mobile friendly web site. Though they said there will be no change on Desk top and tablets search result. But this new algorithm will helps rank higher  to mobile friendly site. 

It's mean the people who used google search on their smartphones, may not found their sites on top of the ranking. 

I don't know how people will take this "Mobilegeddon". If anyone get bad traffic or see his site ranked bellow, they will blame on google "Mobilegeddon". 

Worried about your valuable website? Try google's "Mobile-Friendly" test page

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Game of War : Fire Age" buys $40M Ad Budget for Kate Upton

Game of war have taken mobile games advertising to an entirely new level, they allocating a massive $40M budget for not only the ads you’ve already seen on different web site, but toward making supermodel Kate Upton the face and body of the game.

How to select a catchy Tittle?

Some says "What is in a name?", but now a days a Name is very much important. Even every thing should have a name. Anyway million of apps are available on google play store and app store, and the most interesting thing is when you search any app you get lots of similar apps by name. So "Name" is a fact while anyone search any apps. So the million dollar question is:

 How to create a unique and more visible app tittle?  

  • Choose a tittle with 4 to 6 word, Example: "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love"
  • The words should be keywords. like "Game of war : fair age" Game of war it self very strong key word. 
So the main thing is very simple you have to choose your tittle with keywords. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

How to choose Keyword for App store Optimization (ASO)

Keyword is the most important thing for app store optimization. So you have to chose your keyword very wisely. As we know what keyword do, so don't go for it. I just point out some key features while we do keyword research.

Put your tittle in keyword, for example if your app name is "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love" you should use all the word as a keyword like - Cannon, Shooter, Clash, Love.

Use the singular and plural word, for example if you use Game as a keyword use the plural word "Games" also on keyword.

Try to use Some joint word, for example if you use Free and games as keywords, don't separate them by comma. Use these two word as a single keyword, like - "Free games". Joint keyword will give you more specific search result.

The most important thing, find keyword which is relevant to your app.

One bad practices but effective, Find some similar game which have grate active users or which have been getting downloads than use their tittle with out any comma separated word on keyword. for example if your game is similar to "clash of clan" use the full tittle on keyword like- "Clash of clan" not like "Clash, of, clan". 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Successful App Store Marketing Guide Line

Except some giant developer company no one get a handsome downloads on app store or google play store. And as we know without a good amount of download we can’t earn good revenue. So we try to focus on some tips and tricks and proven strategy to get a good downloads.

In general, the apps or games itself the most important marketing asset. So make a funny games or apps, so that the user will enjoy the moment of using the apps/games. Use simple user friendly gameplay or features with eye catching colorful graphics and happy background music.

Make two quality video, one trailer video for promotional purpose and other is user manuals, like how to play games or use the apps. You should submit your app or game trailer video on the app store or google play store and place them before screenshot.

Now the most important part for your apps or games; use some marketing features on apps like social network integration, Say for example:
Facebook login:
·         Motivate user to facebook login by give some in-game item reward.
·         Give some special reward for inviting friends
·         Profile picture of the friends who also use same apps or games
·         Send challenge and earn some in-game reward
·         Achievements and score will posted on timeline if have proper permission

Some other marketing features like,
Local in-game notification, every 12 to 16 hours. The player gets in-game rewords, in this way you are giving a reason so that the user come back again.
In-game dialog for offering the user to rate and write a review
Last but not the list localized your apps or games.  

Properly do your  ASO (App store optimization)
Tittle: Wisely choose an app or game tittle, try to use keyword on the tittle.
Keyword: Choose wisely your keyword, take help from google adword for key word analysis. Try to choose less competition’s word. Use joined keyword, it’s will give you more specific search result.
Description: Make an easy understanding app or game description, so that most of the people can understand your product. Try to use  your keywords 2/3 times on your description. 

We hope this tricks will help you to get a good download. If you have some suggestion  please feel free to comment.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A new Gaming Blog site "Too Fun Game"

Too Fun Game start it's operation with lots of important features. This features are completely FREE of cost. They have started with Free Video review on their youtube channel. On this blog individual developer can be benefited to get their free video review.
Too fun Game will also give lots of tips and tricks to optimize in app store or google play store. Too Fun Game will provide written review very soon.  
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