Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to select a catchy Tittle?

Some says "What is in a name?", but now a days a Name is very much important. Even every thing should have a name. Anyway million of apps are available on google play store and app store, and the most interesting thing is when you search any app you get lots of similar apps by name. So "Name" is a fact while anyone search any apps. So the million dollar question is:

 How to create a unique and more visible app tittle?  

  • Choose a tittle with 4 to 6 word, Example: "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love"
  • The words should be keywords. like "Game of war : fair age" Game of war it self very strong key word. 
So the main thing is very simple you have to choose your tittle with keywords. 
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