Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Upcoming Game Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love by Dream71

Cannon Shooter: Clash for Love” is an action game where you have to fight against the evil power to protect your beloved girl. Be smart enough to handle the weapons and utilize it properly. Hit the clouds avoiding the obstacles. The destruction of the clouds will cause to stop the rain. Thus the removal of it will help you to save your beloved girl from sinking down the water.

Feature Plays:
When you will shoot then keep in your mind that you need to avoid the obstacles. If you hit the obstacles it will reflex and result in nothing. Only when you’ll strike the cloud then the it will stop the rain and your beloved girls will be saved from sinking down.

In every level you will get 3 chances to shoot. If you miss to hit the cloud once among all cases that will result in failure to complete the game level.

In a few cases you need to hit the floating ground situated opposite to the direction of the girl. To be remembered that avoiding the flexible obstacles. That will bounce back towards the cloud & girl. If then miss, will cost you the level failure.

Some features of this game:

1. Social Game
2. Game center 
3. challenge your friends
4. you will earn gift, when you won on the challenge
5. Different types of Cannon
6. Different types of Power
7. And lots of fun

Game Screenshot: 

The game developer company Dream71 is looking Renown publisher, for "Cannon Shooter : Clash for Love". Friends we want your valuable feedback regarding games. Please inform too fun game or contact, if you have any well known publisher's contact.
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